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Lead Lined Door Manufacturers – Sterile Tech offers distribution opportunities to qualified companies to market, sell and service our full line of specialized doors, frames and windows. Our ongoing research and development and renowned quality assurance program combined with the professional support of Sterile Tech’s sales and technical personnel provide distributors, architects and building owners with products of the highest quality.

The operations of Sterile Tech licensees are an extension of Sterile Tech’s Canadian-based design, fabrication and service facility. Third party certifications developed by Sterile Tech over many years and approved by such internationally well known firms such as Underwriters Laboratories, Intertek Testing Services, Baker Risk Consultants, Riverbank Acoustical Laboratory, Western Electro-Acoustical Laboratory and the International Marine Organization will work with Sterile Tech’s licensees in order to maintain these standards. Furthermore, on-site independent audits of performance standards will be ongoing.

Lead Lined Door Manufacturers

Sterile Tech will continue to develop industry-leading products based on the highest standards of Canadian engineering and production. These standards and improvements to its product and service will be shared with licensees and supported on a day-to-day basis.

Sterile Tech welcomes inquiries from manufacturing interests outside South America, who are interested in becoming a licensee with Sterile Tech.

These specially designed lead-lined wood doors are manufactured to provide the level of radiation protection needed for each specific project.

The doors are constructed with the lead under each face and can be manufactured with lead thicknesses from 1/32” to 1/4”. Nominal door thickness is 1-3/4″ for lead thicknesses up to 1/8”. Above 1/8″ lead thickness, the door thickness will increase proportionally with the lead thickness.

All doors are provided with a continuous hinge because of the high weights involved with lead lined doors.

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