Garment Cabinet

Garment Cabinet

  • Static Garment Cabinet

Cleanroom garments can accumulate particulate contamination during storage and between laundry washes, which in turn may lead to lower product yields and increased product quality issues

The garments storage cabinets are consisting of UV Lamp for Sterilization, IR Lamp to maintain the temperature, Swing type glass doors. One side inner storage height will be divided into two / three numbers of storage cabinet for storing folded garments and other side full height space will be provided for hanging full length used garments.


Dimension Table

Sterile TechTMModel No SGC 325(S) SGC 425(S) SGC 326(S) SGC 426(S)
Working Size (W  x D x H)Ft 3’x2’x5’ 3’x2’x5’ 4’x2’x6’ 4’x2’x6’
Sterile Tech TM
Model Number
Working Size
(LxWxH) Ft
SGC 325(S) 3’x2’x5’
SGC 425(S) 3’x2’x5’
SGC 326(S) 4’x2’x6’
SGC 426(S) 4’x2’x6’

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