Pressure Module

Pressure Module

  • Positive Pressure Module

Positive Pressure Module is designed to provide clean air in a small enclosure. These modules through filtered dust-free air to built-up and maintain positive pressure in the sterile area. The positive pressure effect caused by the module ensures that the air movement is always outside and prevents entry of contaminated air inside the sterile area.

Technical Specification

Cleanliness: Class 100 as per US FED STD 209E (IS 14644-1)

Velocity: 90FPM±20

Noise Level: 65db max

Supply: 230V, 1Ø, 50Hz

Particle Retention: 0.3 micron

Supply filter: Minipleat HEPA Filter efficiency 99.99% Down to 0.3µ H-14 Rating.

Pre Filter: Micro glass fibre media of EU-4 Rating

Blower Assembly: Centrifugal Blower statically and dynamically balanced with Suitable Rating

Dimension Table

Sterile Tech TM Model Number SPM 250 SPM 350 SPM 500 SPM 750 SPM 1000
Capacity in CFM 250CFM 350CFM 500CFM 750CFM 1000CFM
Working Size – (lxw ) in Ft, inches 18″ x 18″ 2″ x 2″ 3″ x 2″ 4″ x 2″ 4″ x 2″
Sterile Tech TM
Model Number
Capacity in
Working Size
(lxw ) in F, inches
SPM 250 250CFM 18″ x 18″
SPM 350 350CFM 2″ x 2″
SPM 500 500CFM 3″ x 2″
SPM 750 750CFM 4″ x 2″
SPM 1000 1000CFM 4″ x 2″

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