OT Laminar

OT Laminar

Ceiling Suspended Laminar Air Flow (CLAF) is used for Operation Theatre applications,. CLAF provides ultra clean sterile HEPA filtered CLASS 100 air in a remote area where the exceedingly responsive progression activities are carried-out. CLAF equipped with Minipleat HEPA with dynamically balanced ultra-low noise blowers for optimum airflow. Differential pressure monitoring carried through MAGNEHELIC Gauges. Fabricate by customized range of CLAF equipment and solution to our clients

The cabinet will be hung from the ceiling using SS chain. Access for servicing the pre filters, blowers or replacing HEPA filters will be provided from the bottom side of the unit or Duct Connected through AHU

Technical Specification

  • Cleanliness: Class 100 as per US FED STD 209E (IS 14644-1) Face Level
  • Velocity: 90FPM±20
  • Noise Level: 65db max
  • Power Supply: 230V, 1Ø, 50Hz
  • Particle Retention: 0.3 micron
  • Supply filter:Minipleat HEPA Filter efficiency 99.99% Down to 0.3µ H-14 Rating.
  • Pre Filter: Micro glass fibre media of EU-4 Rating
  • Motor Blower Assembly: Centrifugal Blower statically and dynamically balanced with Suitable Rating

Dimension Table

Sterile TechTMModel No SCL 642 SCL 842 SCL 862 SCL 882
Working Size (L x W x H)Ft 6’x4’x2’ 8’x4’x2’ 8’x6’x2’ 8’x8’x2’
Sterile Tech TM
Model Number
Working Size
(LxWxH) Ft
SCL 642 6’x4’x2’
SCL 842 8’x4’x2’
SCL 862 8’x6’x2’
SCL 882 8’x8’x2’

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