Sterile Tech TM India sees invisible, feels intangible and achieves impossible. As a global competitor we design, manufacture, distribute and post service in Clean room and its equipments like laminar airflow, Modular Operation Theatre, laboratory furniture With honest effort, we always focus on distinct results through skill-full execution and adhere to the quality norms.

We are unique in ability to provide innovative end to end solution and proprietary systems to deliver the product with following ranges.

  •  Bio Safety Cabinet
  •  Air Shower
  •  Laminar Airflow Tent
  •  Terminal module
  •  Positive Pressure Module
  • OT Laminar Airflow
  • Metal Door
  • Fume Exhaust Hood
  • Modular Operation Theatre
  • Modular IVF
  • Laminar Airflow cabinet     
  • Powder containment Booth       
  • Pass Box       
  • Ceiling laminar airflow          
  • Fan Filter Unit                      


  •  Garment Cabinet
  • Air Curtain                          
  • Modular Clean Room                 
  • Laboratory Furniture
  • Clean Room Validation      

Our product suits for the department of Microbiological manipulations, pathological laboratories, microelectronics, optics, foods and beverages, avionics, Biotechnology &Toxicology, Scientific & Industrial Research, Biology, Tissue Culture, Laboratories in Hospitals, Medical Services, Educational Institutions, agriculture, animal husbandry, Drugs & Pharmaceutical Industries, Automotive & Electronics, Space Tenders and Semiconductor manufacturers.

With glad and honour we are expectant your valuable enquiry and stipulated golden periods for the same.

Sterile Tech TM aspires to become the pioneer of the market by innovate the technology to next level coexisting with the family bond of customers. To achieve steep progress, adopt discreet innovation to serve customers using the latest manufacturing trends.

We strive continuously to advance ourselves to serve our customers, employees, suppliers and general population. We do so by following: Do what’s right, do it with excellence and do it with respect for others.

Sterile Tech TM continues to grasping innovative elements from the cloud of techno and endorsing high level of satisfaction to our esteemed customer with reliability, quality standards..

Our mission is to help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their performance and to build a great firm that attracts, develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

Adhere to the highest professional standards we strongly believe in FAMILY, which means:
Family treatment with employees

Attitude is key of Innovation & success

More than the customer expects

Individual attention with enthusiasm

Loyalty to the mother’s nature

Young and untiring team