Our Strength

STI GAS (Green Assurance System)


 Our trend SQS, that will influence the future of  customer satisfaction

24 x 7 Customer Service

Same day Response

Online RFQ

Sales & Service Engineer foots on street

ISO 9001 : 2015

100% Incoming Material Inspection

Following EN Standards for all sub assm

Consistency in quality

Providing Solution

Customer Centric design

Strong R&D Center

Quality Policy

Our vision is to develop customer-centric innovative products of high quality. We committed excellence by fostering a quality culture with the objective of developing, manufacturing and providing products and services with the help of an effective Quality Management System, encompassing all statutory, professionalism, progressive technology and regulatory compliance.


• Maintain improving trend of Customer Satisfaction .

• Delivering products with premium quality

• Continuous improvement in work environment by adherence to 5S, health & safety (EHS) requirements at workplace with new modern and technological machineries.

• Achieving best in class technical solution by advanced design and testing

• Continual improvement in ‘on-time delivery’ of products as per customer requirements

Our way of working

Quality is a core value at STI. This uncompromising principle is owned by everyone in our organization, and forms the foundation of all our work.

At STI, you can find following key characteristics of our culture of quality at any time:

• Our leadership emphasizes and acts as the main driver for total quality management.

• We take you with us through different stages of development of your customized product.

• Our employees’ learning is always polished and up-to-date through training. This is critical in their role of delivering quality products

• The Quality mind-set extends from design, supply chain, manufacturing, installation, statistical process control tools, team formation, customer service to delivery and post-delivery operations.

We Follow

▪ Process & Manufacturing: ISO 9001:2015

▪ Air Quality: ISO 14644.1

▪ Filtration: EN 1822

▪ Electrical Safety: IEC 61010-1

▪ SS sheets: EN 10088-2

▪ MS CR Sheets: EN 10130 : 1991 FePO1

▪ MS HR Sheets: BS1449 – S1.2 (1991)

▪ GI Sheets: BS EN 01042 : 1991 / FePO2G