Laminar Airflow Units

Laminar Airflow Units

Sterile Tech TM laminar flow cabinets deliver a advanced level of product protection for work in progress. Ergonomic design lessens user fatigue and improves process accuracy. Sterilize air though filter and blow it across work surface as a particle-free laminar air stream.

The Laminar Air Flow provides Product protection from room contaminants but does not protect the Operator


Ambient air first permits through a Pre-filter which traps the larger dust and dirt particles. The blower then directs this pre-filtered air, now under positive pressure, through the 99.99% effectual HEPA(High Efficiency Particular Air) having effectiveness rating as high as 99.99%, thus retaining all air borne particles of size 0.3 micron and larger.

Double filtered air blow in laminar flow through the work area at designed velocity of 90 ft/min +/- 20%. Filter engulfing the perfect work area with sterile, unidirectional ultra-clean air. It also washes away particles that may be generated by Manipulation within the Flow. HEPA filters made of micro clean glass fibre paper of imported origin with fine corrugated aluminium foil separators. Pressure drop will be 18mm WG. Pre -filters are manufactured by using synthetic non woven polyester fabric material with HDPE mesh reinforcement on either back/Top side. The filters are protected by suitable grill arrangement.

Blower Motor Assembly: Statically and dynamically balanced single phase, single/double shaft motor directly connected with centrifugal type aluminium/PVC impeller and enclosed with a specially designed MS casing.