Lab Wall Table

Lab Wall Table

Sterile Tech TM manufactures and supply side wall table and L shaped side wall table as per customers’ needs.

Workbench can be available in various knee gap or continuous modular type. The material of construction will be Galvanized Iron (GI) Sheet of suitable thickness

These cabinets consist of top drawers with smooth sliding gears. Bottom Cupboard is provided with removable horizontal inner partition and swing doors with locks. Door mounted on imported SS spring loaded hinges. The handles are of SS material. The Drawers and Shutters are provided with locks.

Standard Specification:

  1. Standard size: Length as per customer requirement x Width-750 mm x Height -900 mm
  2. With fixed under bench alternative modular strong cabinets consisting of top sliding drawers bottom cupboards with Removable horizontal partition.
  3. The bench top is made of finely polished black granite with half rounded edges with thickness 18mm (+/-1 mm)
  4. PP / SS / ceramic Sinks with Swan Neck Taps and Electrical Power Modules can be provided for the Wall tables as option

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