Laminar Air Flow Units in Pondicherry

Our organization offers a Precision-engineered Scope of Laminar air flow Unit that is fabricated consistent with the fantastic high-quality standards to guarantee optimal quality at the last item. The Laminar air Unit provides a high degree of Localized control for critical procedures. The task area is always covered with favorable pressure HEPA filtered air to guard product from pollution. Our Laminar airflow Unit can be found in various sizes and also all these models may also be configured to satisfy your requirements. These components comprise filtration, air intake grill along with Pre Filter, fluorescent light, centrally-located control center, vibration control platform and available discretionary stainless steel work surfaces and enhanced workout zone elevation.

Many medicinal and study Labs need sterile working surroundings to perform technical work. Laminar air flow units may answer. Laminar air purification components make particle-free working surroundings by casting atmosphere utilizing a filtration and exhausting it over a surface at a laminar or unit-directional atmosphere flow. They supply a superb climate environment for several of lab conditions.

They can be placed inside a fresh room to make an Ultra-clean environment or used to present a person sterile air environment for smaller items not needing a full-size sterile room. In the Event of Wooden Human Body that the Seat is constructed from thick ply plank, and fortified with walnut timber at which necessary. All interior surfaces have been painted with atmosphere purification Epoxy paint. The filter chairs the side and Front Panels are made from a transparent acrylic sheet.

Our Specialty

Laminar-flow units by sterile technology India indeed are a set of high efficacy clean-room workbenches created to protect gears and other materials of their job zone out of particulates. These cabinets are ideal for freeing culture and microbiological software that want class-100 air quality. Our laminar airflow components are present in design and style and include certified fine structure; with accessories and options that these show to be most efficient laminar ventilation components to be found on the Indian market now. Our in-house manufacturing and manufacturing facilities offer good thing about any customization which our clients could desire.
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