Laminar Air flow Cabinet Workstation Manufacturers in Kolkata

Laminar Air flow Cabinet Workstation Manufacturers

We are a well-acclaimed company in Chennai in the field of Laminar Air flow Cabinet Workstation Manufacturers. For any questions contact us.

A Laminar Air flow Cabinet Workstation keeps a controlled work surface for applications requiring a sterile work space whereas contaminant access is being prevented by an incessant filtered airflow across the surface. Sterile Tech India Laminar Air flow Cabinet Workstation is a product of robust engineering combined with strategic ergonomic design. It delivers long-term reliability and ultimate user comfort making it ideal for use in electronics meeting, plant tissue culture, culture media preparation, and other non-hazardous applications that need sterile situation.

About Sterile Tech

Sterile Tech India sees invisible, feels intangible and achieves impossible. As a global competitor we design, manufacture, distribute and post service in Clean room and its equipments like laminar airflow, Modular Operation Theatre, laboratory furniture. With sincere effort, we always focus on distinct results through skill-full execution and adhere to the quality norms. We are unique in ability to provide innovative end to end solution and proprietary systems to deliver the product with following ranges.

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