Softwall cleanroom manufacturers in Bangalore, kerala

Softwall Clean Room
Softwall Clean Room

The Tent soft wall Cleanroom is the most economical approach and design for your Cleanroom needs. This design is commonly used in the microelectronics and medical mould injection industry as well as many others. The Tent’s soft wall design allows it to be used as either a totally freestanding room or it can be used in combination with your existing walls and ceiling. Each room comes completely factory prefabricated for minimal on-site erection time and is totally self-contained with all components factory-finished

Soft wall Cleanroom is constructed with a minimum 16-gauge tubular steel frame, flexible vinyl curtain panels, which can be easily erected and/or disassembled.

Combination structural steel and Cleanroom tee grid, which can span rooms up to 18′ wide, a welded ceiling grid or Standard Cleanroom tee grid.

All steel components are coated with off white powder coat paint for durability