Air Curtain


Sterile Tech TM offers Air Curtains of elegant modern design with optimum combination of low noise level, sufficient air flow and minimal turbulence.
These Air curtain specially designed to prevent the loss of cool or conditioned air and the entry of hot contaminated air. The Air Curtain can be used to meet the number of requirements,

• To prevent warm air infiltration in cold shops and door less reach-in refrigerated cases
• To keep out fumes, dust, harmful insects, maintaining a clean environment
• To invite customers in by allowing entry doors to stay open
Air Curtains significantly reduce energy consumption – especially when there is a substantial temperature difference between inside and outside air.

Sterile Tech TM Model NumberSAC 3SAC 4SAC 5

Medium speed: to suit 7’ height3 feet4 feet5 feet6 feet
Hi speed: to suit 9’ height

3 feet4 feet5 feet6 feet